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Charlotte Hopkins – Explore An Inspiring Journey!

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Charlotte Hopkins

Her story tells us that even when things are tough, we can keep going and achieve amazing things. 

Charlotte Hopkins is a strong and successful family attorney. She was married to a famous football player, Terry Bradshaw, and her story encourages people to stay strong and succeed even when facing tough times.

His journey is an inspiration for anyone going through tough times.

Charlotte Hopkins in Family Law – Unveiling it!

Within the expansive landscape of family law exist individuals whose narratives transcend their roles as legal professionals, becoming powerful sources of inspiration and resilience. 

Charlotte Hopkins, a distinguished figure in this realm, stands as a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. Her story unfolds as a captivating journey, marked by her legal expertise and unwavering dedication to overcoming challenges.

Charlotte’s narrative begins with a foundation built on the principles of strength and perseverance. As a family attorney, her professional journey reflects the complexities and nuances of the legal field, yet it extends far beyond the courtroom. 

It evolves into a compelling saga of personal growth and resilience, inspiring those who encounter her story.

Resilience is a thread woven intricately through Charlotte’s experiences. In the face of personal challenges and the demanding nature of family law, she has emerged not just as a legal professional but as a symbol of tenacity. 

Her ability to navigate the intricate web of familial complexities, both in her personal life and professional career, positions her as a guiding light for others facing similar tribulations.

Charlotte Hopkins’s Formative Years – Join us exploring!

Despite the limited available information regarding Charlotte Hopkins’s childhood and family background, what is evident is her birth into a well-off and affluent home. 

The early chapters of her life, though not extensively documented, paint a picture of privilege and potential. In 1980, Charlotte successfully graduated from Denton Secondary School, an achievement that marked the beginning of her formal education journey. 

The subsequent years saw her pursuit of higher education, and she distinguished herself by graduating with the highest honors from Texas Lady’s College. This phase of her academic journey not only showcased her commitment to excellence but also laid the groundwork for her future endeavors.

The pinnacle of her educational pursuits came to fruition with her graduation from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law in 1993. Attaining her law degree was a significant milestone, representing the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to the legal profession.

Discover Fun Facts About Charlotte Hopkins:

Discover Fun Facts About Charlotte Hopkins
Source: sidomexuniversal
  • Leading Family Law Organizations:

Charlotte held leadership roles, chairing the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists and the State Bar of Texas District 14 Grievance Committee.

  • Influencing Texas Family Law:

Actively engaged in the Texas Family Law Council Legislative Committee, Charlotte played a crucial role in shaping and influencing family law legislation in Texas.

  • Ties to NFL Star Terry Bradshaw:

Charlotte was once married to NFL star Terry Bradshaw, tying the knot in 1983 and later parting ways in 1999.

  • Bradshaw’s Third Marriage:

Interestingly, Charlotte became Terry Bradshaw’s third wife, succeeding marriages to Melissa and Jojo, both brief unions.

  • New Love and Marriage with Rick Hagen:

Post-divorce from Terry, Charlotte found love again, marrying criminal lawyer Rick Hagen in 2012.

Her and Terry Bradshaw’s Football Legacy  – Link Between them!

Her and Terry Bradshaw's Football Legacy
Source: Wikipedia

Terry Bradshaw, Charlotte Hopkins’s ex-husband, is universally recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever graced the field in the rich tapestry of football history. 

Born on September 2, 1948, Bradshaw’s impact on the sport extends beyond statistics and accolades; it encompasses a legacy marked by resilience, leadership, and an indomitable spirit.

Bradshaw’s illustrious career unfolded with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL), where he quarterbacked the team to unparalleled success during the 1970s. 

A key architect of the Steelers’ dominance, Bradshaw led the team to four Super Bowl victories, which solidified his place as a legendary figure in the NFL.

Beyond the tangible accomplishments, Bradshaw’s intangible qualities set him apart. His leadership on the field, characterized by poise and strategic insight, earned him the respect of teammates and opponents.

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. How has Charlotte Hopkins influenced family law legislation in Texas?

Through active involvement in the Texas Family Law Council Legislative Committee, Charlotte played a significant role in shaping and influencing family law legislation in Texas.

2. Who was Charlotte Hopkins married to, and when did the marriage end?

Charlotte was previously married to NFL star Terry Bradshaw, with the marriage taking place in 1983 and ending in divorce in 1999.

3. How often has Terry Bradshaw been married, and where does Charlotte fit in?

Terry Bradshaw has been married four times, and Charlotte Hopkins was his third wife, following marriages to Melissa and Jojo.

4. Who is Charlotte’s current spouse?

Charlotte is married to Rick Hagen, a criminal lawyer, whom she married in 2012.

5. Has Charlotte received any recognition for her work in family law?

Yes, Charlotte was voted as the Best Divorce Attorney of 2019 by Denton County and has been listed on the Top 100 Super Lawyers in Dallas-Fort Worth multiple times.

6. Apart from her legal career, what other roles does Charlotte play?

Charlotte is known for her mediation skills and is a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, showcasing her versatility in dispute resolution.


In short, Charlotte Hopkins is a successful family lawyer who faced challenges but triumphed. She comes from a well-off background, and her achievements in family law, leadership roles, and even marriage to NFL star Terry Bradshaw make her story inspiring. 

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