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Great Western Buildings Lawsuit – Legal Battle Alert In 2023!

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Great Western Buildings Lawsuit

In the world of real estate and constructing homes, we often see disputes and legal conflicts. There’s one specific legal battle that has caught my eye recently The Great Western Buildings lawsuit.

The lawsuit is about a big construction project involving luxury apartments. It’s centered on issues like building code violations, poor construction quality, financial problems, and project delays. 

This complicated and long-lasting legal fight has made a big impact on the industry. So, let’s move on to see what this lawsuit is all about.

Overview – Key Details And Developments!

In 2016, there was a huge project to build fancy apartments in a big city. Great Western Buildings, a well-known property development company, was in charge of this project. They wanted to make these apartments really luxurious and beautiful. First, it seems a great idea.

However, as they built these apartments, a lot of problems and arguments came up, and people weren’t happy. The project that started with excitement ended up causing a lot of disagreements and trouble.

Background And The Parties Involved – Let’s See!

Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Background And The Parties Involved
Source: settledsuit

In the recent Great Western Buildings Lawsuit of 2023, there’s been a big argument about metal buildings. The people being sued include a company called Great Western Building Systems.

They’re from Colorado and are known for making steel buildings. Some property owners who hired them are also part of the problem.

However, the lawyer for the people who filed the lawsuit is Nicholas P. Hansen. He says the company took money from the customers. But didn’t give them the buildings they paid for or even get the right permissions. 

Moreover, the lawsuit mentions things like problems with delivery. Where customers say they didn’t get the roll-up doors they were supposed to. Some also just aren’t happy with how slowly the buildings are going up on their properties.

For example, one person paid $34,982 for a shop building in Indian Hills, Colorado, but says nothing happened.

And the company didn’t even get the permits they needed. The lawsuit wants to fix this problem and make things right for the people who were affected.

The people who filed the lawsuit want the judge to make the company take responsibility for what they did. This might mean giving the customers their money back. Also, making the company finish the buildings they promised. Moreover, doing other things to make up for it.

Many people are noticing this case. Because it shows how hard it can be for regular people when they hire companies to build things for them, it also reminds everyone how important it is to know if a company is good before hiring them.

The main parties that are involved in it are

1. Great Western Buildings (GWB):

This is a company that’s really good at making houses and buildings. They had this big idea to build some fancy apartments, and they’re known for doing impressive projects.

2. Homeowners Association (HOA):

This is a group of people who bought these fancy apartments. They work together to take care of the shared areas. That includes gardens and hallways and making sure everything in the community is good and safe.

3. City Planning Department:

This is the part of the government that decides if it’s okay to build things. They gave permission for this big project to happen. But now, people are wondering if they made the right choice. Because of all the problems that came up.

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The Controversy – Insights And Perspectives!

The Controversy Great Western Buildings Lawsuit
Source: lookwhatmomfound

1. Building Code Violations:

The people building these apartments didn’t do everything the way they were supposed to. They made errors like not putting in enough covering to keep the apartments warm. Moreover, they also didn’t have the right safety things to stop fires. And they didn’t make enough places for people to park their cars.

2. Quality of Construction:

The people who bought the apartments started having problems with their homes. However, there were issues like water leaking and electrical troubles. Also, the way things were built wasn’t good. Some even said the shared places in the building weren’t safe. That makes everyone worry about how well the building was made.

3. Financial Problems:

There were claims that the money for the project wasn’t handled properly. People said the company didn’t use the money the right way. Also didn’t keep their financial promises.

4. Delays:

The construction took much longer than it was supposed to. This was a big issue for the people who wanted to move into their new homes. It also cost the company more money and made everyone really frustrated.

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Lawsuit Proceedings – The Legal Process!

The trouble between the homeowner’s group and this real estate started in 2019. This is when the homeowner’s group charges Great Western Buildings. They said Great Western Buildings broke their agreement, didn’t do a good job building, and was tricky. 

So, the company fought back by saying the homeowners’ group didn’t do what they were supposed to. Their money caused some of the building delays. The government group that decides if it’s okay to build things also got involved.

Because people wondered if they were right to say yes to the project even though there were problems with building rules. However, the legal stuff has taken a long time with lots of arguments and looking for evidence. 

Now, everyone is waiting to see what the judge will decide. And it could be a big deal for future arguments in the real estate and building business.

This has raised several crucial issues that have more suggestions for the real estate industry. So, let’s discuss these issues.

Implications For The Real Estate Sector – One Must Know!

1. Following the Rules:

This case shows how important it is for builders to stick to the rules. And also laws when they’re making things. Trying to save money by cutting corners can get them into big trouble.

2. Being Responsible with Money:

The lawsuit reminds us that in building projects, it’s crucial for companies to be very clear about where the money goes. People who are spending their savings want to see where the money is used. Moreover, expect companies to be honest with finances.

3. Avoiding Problems:

Builders need to be careful about planning for things that might go wrong. That includes projects taking longer or costing more than expected. They should write very clear contracts to avoid arguments and legal fights.

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4. Protecting a Good Name:

This legal fight has seriously hurt the reputation of the company. In the real estate business, trust is really important. And bad news can change buyers’ and investors’ minds.

protecting a good name great western buildings lawsuit
Source: nytimes


1. Are they able to come to an agreement and stop the dispute?

They’re in discussions to find a solution, but it’s not certain if they will reach one. This is when enemies become people who talk things out, and the main goal is to find a solution.

2. What are the potential outcomes of this lawsuit?

The lawsuit could lead to various outcomes.That includes compensation for the affected homeowners and orders to complete the construction as promised. Or other forms of settlement.

3. How has The Great Western Buildings lawsuit affected the company’s reputation?

The lawsuit made people think less of Great Western Buildings in the real estate world. People are worried about whether they can trust this company to do a good job in the future.


In a nutshell,

The Great Western Buildings lawsuit is a complicated legal story that will affect the real estate business. It reminds us how essential it is to follow the rules for building and be honest with money. And handle risks wisely in construction projects.

We don’t know yet if the court will agree with the homeowners’ group or Great Western Buildings. But whatever happens, this lawsuit will change the way people build houses. And make them more responsible, open, and follow the rules better.

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