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Khaza Kamil Gates – Unlock the information you seek!

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Khaza Kamil Gates - Unlock the information you seek!

Khaza Kamil Gates is a 9-year-old sensation born on May 10, 2014, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. He is the son of famous rapper Kevin Gates and Instagram influencer Dreka Gates. 

Let’s explore the life of this promising young star. Read more….

A Journey Beyond Lineage – Here To Know!

1. Family Background:

Khaza Kamil Gates is born into a warm and supportive Muslim family, growing up alongside his 11-year-old sister, Islah Koren Gates. Their family has earned recognition in the celebrity sphere, primarily due to the fame of Khaza’s father, Kevin Gates, a prominent rapper.

2. Kevin Gates Multi-Talented Figure:

Kevin Gates, also known as Kevin Jerome Gilyard, is not confined to the title of a rapper. His multifaceted talents extend to singing, songwriting, and entrepreneurship. He initially caught the spotlight with his 2008 single “Get in the Way,” a collaboration with Lil Boosie. 

Presently, Gates is affiliated with the Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

A Journey Beyond Lineage - Here To Know!
Source: impraise

3. Breakthrough Moment “Get in the Way”:

Kevin Gates embarked on his rap journey in 2007, collaborating with fellow Louisiana artists like Webbie and Lil Boosie. However, the 2008 single “Get in the Way” served as his breakthrough moment, propelling him into the limelight.

4. Current Affiliations: 

Kevin Gates is actively involved with the Bread Winners’ Association, a label he co-founded, and maintains a partnership with Atlantic Records. This dual affiliation reflects his commitment to both artistic independence and industry collaboration.

5. Ongoing Musical Pursuits: 

Far from being a past sensation, Kevin Gates continues to captivate audiences through his music. With 15 upcoming concerts, he is taking his talent across the United States. 

The next tour date is set at 713 Music Hall in Houston, followed by performances at The Criterion in Oklahoma City, indicating a thriving and active musical career.

6. Enduring Legacy: 

Beyond the immediate present, Kevin Gates has left an indelible mark on the rap scene, earning respect for his musical prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. His ongoing success and influence in the industry showcase a resilient and enduring legacy.

Who Is Khaza Kamil’s Mother? – A Versatile Personality!

1. Background:

Dreka Gates, born on August 31, 1986, is a crucial figure in Khaza Kamil Gates’ life, serving as both his devoted mother and the beloved wife of Kevin Gates.

2. Versatility Across Fields:

  • Acting: Dreka has showcased her talent in acting, contributing to her diverse skill set.
  • Business Acumen: Beyond the entertainment world, Dreka has proven herself as a savvy businesswoman, navigating various ventures.
  • YouTube and Media Presence: Her influence extends to the digital space, with a notable presence on YouTube and in media circles.
  • Music Industry Involvement: Dreka’s success isn’t limited to one domain; she has made her mark in the music industry, aligning with Kevin Gates’ career.
  • Modeling: Dreka’s versatility extends to the world of modeling, showcasing her ability to thrive in diverse creative pursuits.
Source: iheart

3. Philanthropy and Social Media:

  • Dreka Gates is not just about personal success; she actively engages in philanthropy, using her platform to make a positive impact.
  • Her presence on social media serves as a personal outlet and a means to connect with fans and promote charitable causes.

4. Family Roles:

  • Dreka is a versatile professional and a nurturing mother to Khaza and Islah, playing a crucial role in their upbringing.
  • As the wife of Kevin Gates, she contributes to the strength and unity of their family, creating a supportive environment for her children.

Family Dynamics Of Khaza Kamil Gates – Let’s See!

1. Rich Heritage and Upbringing:

Khaza Kamil Gates is privileged to be raised in a family that cherishes its rich heritage. The Gates family, rooted in a loving and supportive environment, provides a foundation for Khaza’s growth and development.

2. Loving Family Atmosphere:

Within the Gates household, love and warmth are central themes. The nurturing atmosphere created by his parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates, contributes to Khaza’s sense of security and well-being.

3. Famous Parentage:

Khaza’s family stands out in the celebrity circle, primarily due to his father’s fame, Kevin Gates, a renowned rapper, and his mother, Dreka Gates, a versatile personality. This celebrity status adds an extra layer to Khaza’s upbringing, exposing him to the limelight from a young age.

4. Promising Future:

As a 9-year-old, Khaza Kamil Gates has his entire future ahead of him. The opportunities and possibilities are vast, and his family’s support and guidance pave the way for a promising journey in the world of fame.

5. Beginning of a Celebrity Journey:

Khaza is at the initial stages of what promises to be an exciting journey in the realm of celebrity offspring. Growing up with famous parents opens doors and brings unique challenges, and Khaza’s experiences in this environment are just beginning to unfold.

Family Dynamics Of Khaza Kamil Gates - Let's See!
Source: marriedwiki

6. Supportive Famous Parents:

With Kevin and Dreka Gates as his parents, Khaza is not only blessed with fame but also with the unwavering support of his family. The guidance and encouragement from his famous parents position him for success in navigating the complexities of the public eye.

7. Destined for Greatness:

Raised in a loving family with a rich heritage, Khaza Kamil Gates appears destined for greatness. The unique blend of a supportive home, famous parentage, and a promising future creates a foundation that sets him on a path toward potential achievements and recognition in his own right.


1. What is Khaza Kamil Gates known for at such a young age?

Khaza Kamil Gates is recognized as the 9-year-old son of famous rapper Kevin Gates and Instagram influencer Dreka Gates.

2. How do the family dynamics contribute to Khaza’s future?

Raised in a loving Muslim family with a rich heritage, Khaza Kamil Gates is positioned for greatness. With the unwavering support of his famous parents, his future looks promising as he embarks on an exciting journey in the realm of celebrity offspring.

3. Tell us more about Kevin Gates’ musical career?

Kevin Gates, also known as Kevin Jerome Gilyard, is a versatile figure in the music industry. He gained recognition with the 2008 single “Get in the Way,” he continues to make waves as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, affiliated with the Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records.

4. What is Dreka Gates known for beyond being Khaza’s mother?

Dreka Gates is a versatile personality known for excelling in various fields, including acting, business, YouTube, and media. Her success spans music, modeling, acting, social media, philanthropy, and farming.


Khaza Kamil Gates emerges as a young star with a bright future ahead. Born into the limelight, he navigates his early years within the embrace of a loving Muslim family, guided by the influential presence of his famous parents. 

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