June 16, 2024

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Signs It’s Time To Schedule a Dog Grooming Appointment

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Signs It’s Time To Schedule a Dog Grooming Appointment

Regular grooming is necessary for maintaining your dog’s coat. It also helps prevent pests, odors, and conditions like bacterial and yeast infections. The frequency of grooming required varies depending on your dog’s breed, coat type, and lifestyle. Here are signs that indicate it is time to schedule dog grooming services:

Matted Fur

As your dog’s fur grows, it can get tangled and become matted. Matted fur can be painful for your dog as it pulls at their skin. It is also easy for dirt and debris to get tangled up in matted fur, putting your dog at risk of skin diseases and infections. Brushing your dog’s coat regularly can keep it from tangling. Professional groomers have experience working with furry dogs and can gently detangle, trim, and brush your pet’s hair, preventing further tangles. 

Unpleasant Smells

Dirt and oil can build up in your dog’s fur over time, causing an unpleasant smell that is difficult to eliminate with routine baths. You may also notice a smell coming from your dog’s ears. Smelly ears typically result from an ear infection or ear wax build-up. Your dog may also have stinky breath due to poor oral hygiene or dental problems. 

During a dog grooming session, the groomer bathes, brushes, and conditions your dog’s coat, leaving them smelling clean. They also clean your dog’s ears, remove excess wax, and inform you of any ear infections requiring medical attention. The groomer also brushes your dog’s teeth, eliminating bad breath. 

Overgrown Nails

Your dog’s nails wear down naturally as they dig holes or run on rough terrains like sidewalks and hard pavements. If your dog mostly walks indoors on grass or soft surfaces, their nails do not wear down and eventually become too long. Overgrown nails tend to curl inwards and might pierce your dog’s footpad, making walking painful and increasing your dog’s risk of infections. 

Overgrown nails also cause your dog’s paws to splay unnaturally, which can cause balance issues. Book a session with your groomer if you hear clicking sounds whenever your dog walks over a wood floor. 


Parasites like fleas and ticks may hide in your dog’s coat and feed off its nutrients, affecting its health. These parasites also irritate the skin, causing sores or redness. Your dog may have parasites if it scratches or nibbles on its skin excessively. Inflammation and irritation are other signs of pests on your dog’s skin. 

Regularly taking your dog to the groomers minimizes their risk of pests and parasites. Groomers trim your dog’s fur, making spotting parasites easier. Should the groomer notice pests on your dog, they can wash their fur with a pesticide shampoo to eliminate the infestation. 

Book a Dog Grooming Appointment Today

Regular dog grooming is part of pet care and maintains your dog’s health and appearance. You can tell it is time to groom your dog when they start looking shabby and smelling. When you book an appointment with a professional groomer, they wash your dog’s coat, clean their teeth and ears, and check and treat for parasites. Schedule an appointment with your dog groomer today to keep your dog smelling and looking clean. 

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