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Steve Craig – A Glimpse Into The Life Of Football Player!

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Steve Craig

In a world where things can be challenging, Steve Craig’s life story is like a bright light, showing us how to be strong and find happiness. His journey is full of challenges, love, and the simple joy of chasing what makes us happy.

Steve Craig, born in 1957, is a former basketball player, motivational speaker, and the husband of Marie Osmond. His remarkable journey includes a successful basketball career and overcoming life’s challenges.

In this article, we’ll learn about Steve’s basketball journey, his connection with BYU, the happy and tough times in his love life with Marie Osmond, and what he’s doing.

Who Is Steve Craig? – Let’s Find Out!

who is steve craig
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Steve Craig is a former basketball player. He played for Brigham Young University from 1975 to 1981, reaching the NCAA Elite Eight in 1980–1981. He gained recognition for this achievement in a special event at BYU in January 2022.

Beyond basketball, Steve is known for marrying singer and actress Marie Osmond in 1982. They faced challenges and divorced in 1985, surprising many by remarrying in 2011. Steve and Marie are loving grandparents, celebrating their twelfth anniversary recently. 

He transitioned into a motivational speaker and managed a music production company. Steve Craig is a former basketball player turned motivational speaker known for his love story with Marie Osmond and his contributions beyond the sports arena.

Early Life And Education – Explore Now!

Steve Craig, born in Utah in 1957, had a simple early life. Growing up, he learned the importance of hard work and determination. He attended Brigham Young University (BYU) for his education, where he studied and discovered his passion for basketball.

During his time at BYU, Steve dedicated himself to the sport. The values instilled in him during his early years contributed to his success in both education and sports. Steve’s early life and education set the stage for his future endeavors, creating a foundation of resilience and dedication. 

Career Of Steve Craig – Steve Craig’s Success Story!

Career Of Steve Craig
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Steve Craig’s basketball journey unfolded at Brigham Young University (BYU), starting in 1975 and spanning until 1981. He played a crucial role in the BYU Cougars’ notable run in the 1980–1981 season, coming close to the coveted Final Four.

Steve’s passion and dedication on the court earned him recognition, culminating in a special accolade from BYU in January 2022. The university celebrated the impact of his basketball career, showcasing the significance of his contributions.

His formative years at BYU marked a pivotal chapter, showcasing his athletic prowess and his commitment to the university’s basketball program. The recognition ceremony at the Marriott Center underlined the lasting legacy of Steve’s achievements on the national stage.

Marriage To Marie Osmond – Unveiling The Love Story!

Marie Osmond’s first marriage with Steve Craig was a special moment. They got married in 1982 after dating for a few years. Steve Craig and Marie Osmond married at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah.

It was a big celebration with 4,000 guests, and Marie wore a special gown. The temple was meaningful for Marie’s family, as her parents and brother also married there. 

This day marked the start of Steve and Marie’s life together, filled with promises and love.

Marie, a famous singer and actress, was just 22. The couple started their married life in Los Angeles. However, despite their happiness, they faced challenges and divorced in 1985. 

Steve’s Life After Divorce – Don’t Miss Out!

Steve’s Life After Divorce
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After Steve Craig and Marie Osmond divorced in 1985, Steve started a new chapter. He focused on himself, moved away from basketball, and got into making music and motivating others. Even though Marie remarried, Steve stayed on his journey.

Dealing with life after divorce, he tried different things. Steve’s positive attitude and ability to adapt were his strengths. His story teaches us that there’s more to discover despite tough times. Despite the end of his first marriage, Steve Craig kept going, showing resilience and a commitment to finding his way.

Stephen James Craig Jr. – Unveiling Steve’s Son’s Story!

Stephen James Craig Jr., born in 1983, is the son of Marie Osmond and Steve Craig. Adopted by Marie’s second husband, Brian Blosil, he goes by Stephen Blosil. At 40, he is known for modest acting roles and a music album released in 2003. 

His family includes his wife Claire and four children: James, Christian, Maxwell, and Olive. Stephen’s life weaves through family dynamics despite his parents’ divorce, including half-siblings Jessica, Rachael, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, Matthew, and Abigail.

In 2011, Stephen married Claire, and they celebrated their enduring love with four beautiful children. Stephen’s life, marked by artistic pursuits, family joys, and parental reunions, unfolds as a story of resilience and enduring familial connections.

Steve and Marie’s Second Chance – The Remarriage Journey!

After facing challenges and divorcing in 1985, Steve Craig and Marie Osmond found love again. They remarried in 2011, marking a beautiful second chapter in their story. The intimate ceremony occurred at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple a few months before their son Stephen’s wedding. 

Choosing the same gown from their 1982 wedding, Marie emphasized the date’s significance, aligning it with the birthdays of her late son, Michael, and her late mother, Olive. Celebrating their 12th anniversary in 2023, the couple’s love story is a testament to enduring commitment and second chances.

Net Worth Of Steve Craig – Steve Financial Success!

Net Worth Of Steve Craig
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Steve Craig’s net worth is reported to be over $18 million. In addition to his net worth, he earns a substantial income from delivering speeches. The data suggests that motivational speakers can earn an annual revenue ranging from $107,173 to $312,000.

On the other hand, Marie Osmond, Steve Craig’s wife, has a net worth exceeding $20 million. She generates income through her concerts and travels extensively with her partner. The couple, together, has amassed considerable financial success, contributing to their combined net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How did Steve Craig and Marie Osmond’s son, Stephen James Craig Jr., pursue his career?

Stephen James Craig Jr. pursued a career in acting and music, debuting as an actor in 1989 and releasing an album titled “That’s What You Get” in 2003.

2. What is the significance of the accolade received by Steve Craig and his BYU team in 2022?

In January 2022, Steve Craig and his former teammates were honored at BYU’s Marriott Center for their remarkable achievements in basketball, notably reaching the NCAA Elite Eight.

3. How long has Steve Craig played basketball at the international level?

Steve Craig showcased his basketball prowess at the international level during a substantial portion of his career, representing his university from 1975 to 1981.

4. What are Steve Craig’s recent ventures?

Steve Craig is currently involved in motivational speaking and manages a music production company. He records podcasts and short videos and engages in public speaking events.

5. How long have Steve and Marie been married in total?

Steve and Marie Osmond have been married for over four decades. They first exchanged vows in 1982, faced challenges leading to a divorce in 1985, but ultimately reunited and remarried in 2011, marking a resilient and enduring journey together.


Steve Craig faced tough times but found happiness again with Marie Osmond. Motivational speaking makes music and shows that family love can overcome difficulties.

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