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The Best Serta Mattress: Selection Process

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Serta is a brand of mattresses that offers a large selection of foam and cooling mattresses in different firmness levels and sizes. Serta mattresses are available for purchase online or in shops.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 35 per cent of Americans (Trusted Source) sleep less than the suggested seven hours per night. The risk of stroke, obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses may rise as a result of this sleep deprivation.

People with chronic pain lose an average of 42 minutes of sleep every night, according to the 2015 Sleep in America study, even though numerous causes contribute to poor sleep. Additionally, the most current 2022 survey discovered that additional elements influencing people’s sleep include using digital displays just before bed and not spending enough time outdoors.

Additionally, people may discover that their sleep is better when they use a mattress that meets their preferences for materials, firmness, and sleeping temperature. Popular mattress manufacturers generally have a large selection of mattresses mainly made to meet specific demands. This page covers what to look for when purchasing a mattress, offers a list of Serta’s products, and examines the mattress company in great detail.

Best Serta mattresses

How to select the best Serta mattress is what this article delivers:

· EZ Tote Mattress

The firm claims that this mattress is made of Serta Gel Memory Foam and the brand’s Foam Core, which is supportive, long-lasting, and suitable for all sleeping positions. According to Serta, the Gel Memory Foam layer in mattresses enables air to pass through them, keeping users cool as they sleep.

This EZ Tote Mattress is available in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. For an additional $50, a person can add a comfort layer for more significant support. This mattress is a cost-effective choice for those on a tighter budget as it is the most economical model Serta provides.

Additionally, the business claims that the EZ Tote Mattress is delivered in the smallest container they have ever used. In addition to a 120-day trial, Serta has a 10-year warranty, free shipping and returns for this mattress.

Price Range: $1,099–1,599

· iComfort Mattress

The iComfort Mattress models provide an assortment of breathable and cooling foam layers for the user to select from. A carbon fibre memory foam layer in the CF1000 variant is intended to support and remove heat from the body. A Cold Touch Cover, a knitted cover that is cool to the touch and breathable, is also included with the CF1000 model.

Additional variants, such as the CF2000, CF3000, and CF4000, combine layers of cooling gel memory foam, open-cell memory foam that allows air to circulate through the mattress, and high-performance cooling fabric coverings with carbon fibre foam. The majority of customer reviews on the Serta website are favourable, with some mentioning how well the mattress conforms to the weight and shape of the user and reduces motion transmission.

The Serta iComfort mattress has received mostly favourable reviews online, with 217 out of 252 users indicating that they would suggest it to friends. Positive reviews highlight how the medium-firmness helps customers keep cool overnight and creates a decent mix of cushioning and support.

Its supporting foam can lead to dips in the middle of the mattress, and some reviews complain it is substantial. A few customers complain about difficulties having their mattresses replaced and the warranty policy. For this mattress style, the sizes available are twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and CA king.

Price Range: $1,099–2,099

· iComfort Hybrid Mattress

A 2021 investigationAccording to a reliable source, medium-firm mattresses may relieve persistent, unexplained back pain more effectively than hard mattresses. A medium-firm option could assist those with pressure point pain or unexplained back pain to relieve their problems.

Those who sleep on their backs may find the solid but flexible support provided by the carbon fibre memory foam core ideal.

Additionally, there is a layer of Air Support Foam made up of foam blocks with hollow centres that mould to the contours of the user’s body and sleeping posture. Positive customer feedback highlights how the mattress relieved neck and back problems and was pleasant for the reviewers.

Negative reviews do, however, note that the mattress might get uncomfortable and develop dips after a few months of usage. Furthermore, a few individuals said the mattress triggered itchy, red, and sweaty allergy symptoms. Serta offers this mattress in every size, from twin to California king.

Price Range: $1,109–2,099

· Serene Sky Mattress

The Serene Sky Mattress is soft, according to Serta. It has five layers: one layer with 805 individually wrapped coils and four foam layers. A person can add more layers to this mattress for an additional fee. An additional inch of gel foam is added as the initial comfort update to give the mattress a firmer feel.

The additional inch of gel foam and an additional layer of body-adapted cushion top foam comprise the second comfort enhancement. Positive reviews highlight how pleasant the mattress’s softness is. According to unfavourable reports, it may have drops that persist after use. One can select from complete, queen, king, twin, twin XL, and CA king sizes.

Price Range: $499–849

· Arctic Mattress

The brand’s unique Reactex technology and a layer of gel memory foam, which the firm claims provide the best heat-absorbing, are two of the mattress’s four layers. According to Serta, the Arctic Mattress has a 15-fold more heat-absorbing capacity than the Perfect Sleeper line.

Additionally, this device has a hybrid structure of micro-coils that respond specifically to a person’s movement and body position and a patented cooling gel. Together, these should improve comfort, pressure alleviation, and cooling.

On the Arctic Mattress product page on the internet, 122 out of 125 reviews indicate that the reviewer would suggest this mattress. Its cooling qualities are said to improve and chill users’ sleep in positive evaluations. Additionally, several people said that after utilising it, their back discomfort became better.

Being one of Serta’s priciest mattress types, it might not be appropriate for those on a tighter budget. Positive evaluations highlight the effectiveness of the cooling layers and the mattress’s comfort. More unbiased reviews stated that more prominent persons might not find it appropriate.

Price Range: $2,999–4,099


Having been in operation since 1931, Serta offers mattresses worldwide. Serta mattresses are available online and in shops. As to the company’s claims, Serta foam mattresses are free of lead, mercury and other dangerous substances and have earned the CertiPUR-US certification. Serta offers hypoallergenic and antimicrobial latex mattresses, which are ideal for those who suffer from allergies. If a person has a latex allergy, they should see a physician before purchasing a latex mattress.

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